Teaching English overseas is an amazing opportunity for you to explore the world and get paid.  Whether you are a professional teacher or whether you have a year of uni under your belt and you want an international experience, teaching English overseas is an amazing opportunity.

To be clear, there are very different options to teach English overseas - these options are predicated on your experience and qualifications.  Here is a summary of some of the options that are available to you.

Teach English Overseas in an International School

Almost exclusively offered to teachers with experience and a specific teaching credential.  Often these roles are not relegated to teaching English but to teach core subjects.  There may be some options in schools where there is a bilingual element or a percentage of local students attending the international school and they need extra English instruction to ensure they keep up with the native English speakers in the class.  These ESL programs are generally quite advanced.

Teach English Overseas in a Public School

In most cases teaching English overseas in a public school will only require that you have a degree in any discipline and that you are a native English speaker.  There are many opportunities to teach English overseas in public schools.

Teach English Overseas in a Private School

Private schools often require teachers with some experience or some advanced qualification (like and Education degree or English degree).  This is not always the case though - timing is everything.

Teach English Overseas in a Private Language School

Teaching English overseas in a private language school is one of the most common teaching opportunities.  These are before and after school programs that are private for profit businesses.  The requirements to teach English overseas in a private language school are country specific.

Teach English Overseas in a Business

Teaching English overseas in a business is an opportunity often overlooked by most who are considering teaching English overseas.  These opportunities will require you to teach English in the mornings or late afternoon/evenings and then during the day you will work in other capacities at the business, whether proofing emails or technical documents, doing one on one classes for managers or prepping staff to assist with meetings or trips abroad.  This can be a great working environment for someone with a business background who is looking for unique business experience. 

Teach English Overseas in a Study and Work Abroad Program

Study and Work abroad programs are generally not formal programs that have structured working and studying elements.  Most study and work abroad programs are designed specifically by the student/participant of the program.  This is where you organize a job teaching English overseas for a limited number of hours and then you approach your university program and coordinate options for you to get credits for your teaching experience and lesson planning or where you get credits for language classes that you will take while abroad or you can organize to take online classes offered through your university or another university that is a recognized online course provider where your university will accept and transfer credits from them to apply toward your degree requirements.  There are many options here - it is best to chat with someone from your university about the potential options. 

Teach English Overseas BEFORE you graduate university

To teach English overseas before you graduate university you should look at the Study and Work Abroad program options.  It should be noted that not all Study and Work Abroad programs will require that you actually study while you are abroad.  Some of these programs will only require that you were attending university when you applied to the work abroad program to teach English overseas.

Teach English Overseas if you are NOT a native English Speaker

There are very few options to teach English overseas if you are not an native English speaker and most ESL recruiters won't be able to do very much to support you or assist in helping you find a job teaching English overseas.  That being said, there are opportunities for non-native English speakers in countries like China, Georgia, and other Eastern European countries.  You will be under a lot of scrutiny with respect to your level of English so take your time with your application.  There will also undoubtedly be some requirement for a video or phone assessment.

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